Building resilient young Australians

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Thanks to approximately 18,000 regular monthly donors, we’ve helped raise more than $2.7M towards education and engagement programs that help building resilient young Australians. 

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Resilience is your ability to cope with an unexpected change, challenge or adversity.
The challenges of today are as diverse as the young Australians that we support.
Our Community Partners;, Red Dust & Beacon Foundation have been selected to address some of the key ingredients for building resilient young Australians.

Mental Health

$30 can help up to 8 young Australians who may be going through a mental health challenge, get the responsive and effective online mental health resources they need.

1 in 5 Australians suffers from a mental health issue in any given year and almost half the population will suffer a mental health disorder at some point in their lives.

For young people visiting during a tough time, 91% say they got the information they needed.


$75 can help one young Aboriginal Australian, living in a remote indigenous community, get access to positive role models who deliver an engaging, school-based health and wellbeing program that focuses on nutrition, physical activity, aspiration, resilience, identity and cultural strength.

The health inequalities experienced by young Indigenous Australians is just one example of the challenges we hope to overcome.

The rate of diabetes is 6 times higher in indigenous children than non-indigenous children.

But Red Dust’s unique ‘community-as-family’ model of health and well-being programs draws on the strengths of both western health knowledge and traditional cultural knowledges that influence young people in the community.


$125 can help one young Australian living in a low socioeconomic status area, prepare for employment by connecting with an online industry mentor, where they can ask questions and gain insights about their future career path.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown restrictions have led to our country’s first recession in almost three decades and an unemployment rate peaking at 8% of the labour force in July, 2020 (Deloitte, 2021). 

A recent study of Beacon students found that:

  • 81% feel they have increased their resilience and feel better equipped to deal with stress and challenges
  • 83% believe they have a better understanding of how technology and computer skills will help them when they enter the workforce
  • 79% of students said it was “helpful” or “very helpful” to hear from people working in jobs/industry

Our newest partner.

Give more
with More.

We are pleased to welcome More Telecom as our newest partner.

“We are proud to align ourselves with a forward-thinking, customer-focused telco who have demonstrated their strong commitment to overcoming one of our greatest social challenges.”

– Warren Sainsbury, General Manager, Telco Together Foundation

“We look forward to making a significant positive impact and we encourage every customer to opt-in as it’s so easy and can make an enormous difference.”

– Andrew Branson, Managing Director, More Telecom.


Whether you’re a customer or employee at any Australian Telco, there’s a whole range of programs to get involved in.

On-Bill Donations

As a customer at our participating telcos, you can give your small change to make a big change by simply adding a $1 donation to your monthly bill.


As an employee at one of our participating telcos, you can give your time to this important cause by becoming a volunteer mentor.

Workplace Giving

We accept big donations too so if $1 per month doesn’t cut it for you and you want to make a bigger change, put us in touch with your payroll team and we will work with them to make it happen.


What better way of engaging your team than to get behind a cause that affects all Australians? Let us know about your fundraising event and we will provide you with relevant and engaging content to help you promote it.

Our Founding Partner

A Commanding

Commander is one of three retail brands that sit within Vocus Group, providing communications and technology solutions for small and medium businesses.

What began as a small fundraising pilot with a sample of our Commander’s customers, has now led to our most successful fundraising initiative. 

“A small idea from a group of people five years ago has made a huge change with tens of thousands of small businesses contributing and many thousands of lives impacted”

– Antony de Jong, Chief Executive, Business & Consumer, Vocus Group.

Our Fastest-Growing Partner

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Aussie Broadband is an Australian owned and operated superstar, taking out Customer Service Organisation of the Year (Australian Service Excellence Awards, 2021), Best 30 Workplaces to Give Back (2021) and Diversity & Inclusion (ACOMM Awards, 2021) just to name a few.

It’s no surprise that their strong company values have reflected the generosity of their customers.

“Being good to people is a fundamental part of the fabric of Aussie Broadband.

We’re so pleased that many of our customers share that view and have opted into the Small Change Big Change program, donating a dollar every month.

We want to sincerely thank our customers for participating; it’s their generosity that has enabled the program to reach this point.”

– Phillip Britt, Managing Director, Aussie Broadband