Aussie customers continue their generous wave of momentum

Aussie Broadband Customers have now donated a combined total of $200,000 through the Small Change Big Change On-Bill Donations Program!

Aussie customers continue their generous wave of momentum

If you’re a customer of Aussie Broadband you may have come across our On-Bill Donations Program already. It’s pretty simple, when you sign up for your broadband service you’ll be given the option to add a $1 donation to your monthly bill. It’s a no brainer really and no wonder why so many people are now choosing to opt into the program via their MyAussie App or Online Portal.

“Being good to people is a fundamental part of the fabric of Aussie Broadband.

We’re so pleased that many of our customers share that view and have opted into the Small Change Big Change program, donating a dollar every month.

We never dreamed when we started this partnership that it would hit a major milestone like $200,000.  We want to sincerely thank our customers for participating; it’s their generosity that has enabled the program to reach this point.”

Phillip Britt, Managing Director, Aussie Broadband

So where’s the money going, what does it mean and why does it matter, now, more than ever?

We’re helping to build resilient young Australians within an increasingly connected and complex world. 

The $200,000 means that approximately 19,149 young Australians have been given access to a wide range of education and engagement programs that promote good mental health, a strong sense of identity and connections beyond connectivity.

“We’re making a difference in the lives of young Australians and we can only do this through the generosity of partners like Aussie Broadband and their amazing customers. 

Small Change Big Change is growing, thanks to your support. This growth means that we can reach more young people and look at future opportunities to make an even greater impact.

Aussie Broadband along with some other amazing Telco companies are really getting behind this program and I can’t wait to provide more support for the future of our country – young Australians” 

Warren Sainsbury, General Manager, Telco Together Foundation (SCBC)

Our partnership with Beacon Foundation has supported approximately 555 students living in low SES (Socio-Economic Status) areas throughout Australia. It’s never been more important for young people to connect with industry mentors, to interact, ask questions and gain insights about potential career paths that sit outside their local environments and that’s exactly what we’re helping facilitate through Beacon’s Industry Live program. It’s an online career awareness program that gives young people from all over the country a regular opportunity to hear from industry professionals about the work they do and their career journey to date.  

*Note: Socio-economic status is based on the SEIFA Index of Disadvantage assigned to the SLA in which individuals live. Low SES includes Lowest Quintile and Lower Middle Quintile.

“It surprises me just how resilient some young Australians are already. But the world is demanding more from us than we’ve seen in a long time, so that’s what makes the impact we’re having so meaningful.”

Michael Goschnick, Marketing & Program Manager, Small Change Big Change

In addition to this, our partnership with Red Dust has helped support approximately 890 young Aboriginal Australians living in remote Indigenous communities. Together, we’ve given them access to positive role models who can deliver engaging school-based health and wellbeing programs that focus on nutrition, physical activity, aspiration, resilience, identity and cultural strength.

Depicted are just a couple of examples of students participating in a Healthy Living Program where there’s an opportunity to build confidence and skills interacting with non-Indigenous people; opportunities to create stories for young people to draw inspiration from.

Lastly, and certainly not least is our partnership with ReachOut who have helped provide online mental health support for an overwhelming 17,704 young people and a further 2,486 parents and carers. Young people are digital natives so it’s absolutely critical that we help develop responsive and effective resources during significant events like bushfire emergencies, floods and of course, the COVID-19 pandemic which continues to impact the future of our economy at large.

“Even more important to us is the impact that Small Change Big Change is having on the lives of young people across Australia. Building resilience for young Australians through mental health support, indigenous support and career mentoring is – let’s be frank – the bit that floats our boat.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what Small Change Big Change can achieve for young Australians next.”

Phillip Britt, Managing Director, Aussie Broadband
Infographic showing the impact of $200,000 raised by Aussie Broadband customers through our Small Change Big Change On-Bill Donations Program.

“It’s never been more important for young people to be supported with their mental health and to have a strong sense of identity as they navigate through the rapidly changing world. With the help of organisations like Aussie Broadband and their customers, we are able to make a real difference in the lives of young Australians in need.”

Renee Bowker, Executive Director, Telco Together Foundation (SCBC)

To our generous Aussie Broadband donors, we hope this recognises just how impactful your donations have been and for those who want to get involved, simply login to your MyAussie App or Online Portal and add a $1 donation to your monthly bill!

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Aussie customers continue their generous wave of momentum