Aussie Broadband Customers Have Now Raised More Than $500,000

A big thank you to Aussie Broadband’s customers who have now fundraised more than $500,000 through our Small Change Big Change.

Aussie Broadband Customers Have Now Raised More Than $500,000

A big thank you to Aussie Broadband’s customers who have now fundraised more than $500,000 through our Small Change Big Change.

“In just four years Aussie Broadband through the generosity of their customers has reached an incredible milestone: $500,000 donated to Small Change Big Change. Thank you Aussie Broadband and your amazing customers for your continued support,” said Telco Together Foundation General Manager Warren Sainsbury.

“These ongoing donations have made a huge difference in the lives of so many young people through our mission of building resilience. I look forward to our next milestone Together.”

Since 2019, the average number of Aussie Broadband regular donors has grown to 12,874 every month.

“Having first partnered with Small Change Big Change in 2019, it’s incredible to have reached the $500,000 mark in that time,” said Aussie Broadband Community Impact Manager Cameron Foley. “It’s amazing that through the simple act of adding a small $1 donation to their bill our customers’ generosity and good-will has directly impacted over 50,000 lives.”

“We hope to see those numbers continue to grow, with every contribution going towards a truly life-changing initiative and to creating a positive impact in someone’s life.”

Together, we are building resilient young Australians by supporting a diverse mix of qualified charities that promote better mental health, a strong sense of identity and a healthy network of connections.

– Michael Goschnick, SCBC Fundraising & Program Manager

ReachOut for better mental health

For just $1 a month, Aussie Broadband customers have helped more than 42,000 young people and parents access to a safe place to chat anonymously, get support and feel better.

Designed with – and specifically for – young people, ReachOut offers one-to-one peer support and moderated online communities, to tips, stories and resources – allowing young people to engage in the ways they want to, when they want to.

“ReachOut was there for me when no one else was, I was a teenager in a small town and the only thing that gave me an escape from my everyday life was the internet. And coming across the ReachOut website one night when I most needed something gave me a new hope, that I wasn’t alone and they honestly saved me.”

– Young person

Red Dust is strengthening the identity and future of Indigenous youth and their families

For just $1 a month, Aussie Broadband customers have helped deliver 4 Healthy Living Programs creating more than 15 casual on-Country employment opportunities for local Aboriginal people. Red Dust programs are now reaching more than 1,800 young people from 9 remote communities each year.

“Congratulations Aussie Broadband customers for the collective impact you’ve achieved through the Small Change Big Change program…Together with your support, our Healthy Living Program is having a positive impact on the social, physical and mental health of young people in remote communities.”

– Scott Stirling, Red Dust CEO

By actively involving the community in program development, Red Dust integrates indigenous knowledge, languages, and perspectives, resulting in a more engaging and effective learning experience for generations of students.

Beacon Foundation bring real world relevance and connection to education

In the last 12 months alone, Aussie Broadband customers have helped support more than 30+ staff and 798 volunteers to deliver career-readiness programs Australia-wide for more than 4000 young people across more than 100 schools with an ICSEA* of less than 1,000.

Beacon Foundation brings real world relevance to education, inspiring young people to think about careers and to experience the workplace, long before leaving school. Beacon believes socio-economic background or geography should not determine the education or career opportunities you have in life.

“Today’s program was great and very useful for my future. And one of the things I learned today is that your career pathway is not always straight forward. Take all opportunities you get in life and don’t stay too focused on one thing.”

– Student at Burnie High School, TAS

*ICSEA (Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage) provides an indication of the socio-educational backgrounds of students

How can you get involved?

If you’d like to get involved, it’s as simple as logging into your Aussie Broadband MyAussie account and opting-in to Small Change Big Change!

Your small change can make a big change in the lives of young Australians.

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Aussie Broadband Customers Have Now Raised More Than $500,000