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Whether it’s time or money; individual, team or organisation wide we can help your small change make a big change in the lives of young Australians today.

workplace giving

workplace giving

It’s still one of the most impactful ways you can get involved because it empowers our charity partners to budget, forecast and prioritise funds in the most effective way.

The speed and ease for us to setup an individual, team or organisation is second to none.


corporate volunteering

corporate volunteering

Some of our most popular volunteer opportunities can be done from the comfort of your own home/office.

So whether you want to help inspire the future workforce as an online student mentor or offer your professional expertise to one of our charity partners, we’ve got a wide range of opportunities.


on-bill donations

on-bill donations

With over 25 million telco bills going out every month, imagine the impact we could have if just half of us agreed to add a $1/month donation to our bills.

Simply ask your Telco if you can join the program or register below to learn more about our participating providers.

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why take the challenge?

We’re building resilient young Australians by supporting education and mental health outcomes.

Australians have shown their resilience, now more than ever. Yet resilience is measured not, by the adversity itself, but by our response to it.

Resilience is not inherent.

We believe it can be practiced and perfected.

So as a test of resilience we’re asking you to make a small change for big change.

Take the challenge and form a new habit, or fail the challenge and test your resilience!

Nelson Mandela once said, “do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

So how will you build a more resilient you?

how does it work?

How can a small change, over time, make a big change?

It takes 21 days to form a habit, right? So here’s the challenge – no matter the change, big or small, make it stick by repeating it for 21 days.

You could get out and go for a walk or jog every morning, practice mindfulness or maybe you’re finally ready to give up that coffee addiction.

It’s that simple…

  1. Make a change
  2. Make it stick
  3. Head to our Facebook page to copy and paste the challenge
  4. Don’t forget to add a video of the change to your post
  5. Nominate your friends and family to take the challenge and make a change

By adding the hashtag #scbcchallenge or tagging us in your post, you’ll go in the draw to win a mystery prize!

workplace giving

workplace giving

Give $10 as a pre-taxed per fortnight donation through workplace giving, and in your first year our community partners would receive $260 at a post-tax cost of approximately $163.8!

But workplace giving is more than just a pre-tax donation you never see, our workplace giving programs are designed to engage and connect your team or organisation.

The #5w2w challenge will help you promote positive wellbeing practices to your employees and customers alike!

Whether you’re still heading into work or like many of us, you’re now working remotely – the demands of everyday life should not be underestimated and the need for managing your overall wellbeing is important.

Find out how we can help you and your team embrace ReachOut’s “5 Ways To Wellbeing”.

*Figures shown are estimates only and dependent on your taxable income as determined by a registered accountant.

corporate volunteering

corporate volunteering

It’s never been easier to rally behind a cause that touches absolutely everyone, reach out to your team, your organisation or register to find out how you can get involved in our online and micro volunteering opportunities.  

Many young people around the country lack the supportive networks needed to help them recognise their potential and prepare them for the world of work – that’s where our corporate volunteering programs come in.

Through Small Change Big Change and our partnership with Beacon Foundation, corporate staff can participate in Beacon programs by becoming a Beacon Volunteer either face-to-face with a local school or by participating in an online program.

As a Beacon volunteer you will share your career story and experiences with young people under the guidance of a Beacon Facilitator.

No prior experience or qualifications are required to volunteer, just your time and a willingness to connect with young people. The only requirement to volunteer at a Beacon program is to hold a Working With Vulnerable People Registration (or equivalent in your State).

Transferring knowledge about the world of work and vital work readiness skills can help young people uncover their strengths, and build their confidence as they prepare to transition to further education or work.

On-bill donations

On-bill donations

From small change, big change grows.

Nothing reflects this sentiment more than our on-bill donations program which empowers millions of customers to add a dollar to their telco bills each month.

Commander were the first to pilot the program and have now raised a staggering $500,000 for our community partners. While Aussie Broadband are the latest provider to join, with their customers already raising a further $50,000 since July 2019.

It’s a an example to the broader industry of just how willing customers are to get behind a cause that’s meaningful to them if and when prompted in the right way.

It’s never been easier to get behind a cause that touches absolutely everyone in Australia.

Register below to find out how you can add a $1 donation to your bill.

join thousands
of australians
who are making a
small change for
big change

join thousands

of australians

who are making a

small change for big change