Telco Customers Can Now ‘Give More, With More’

“We look forward to making a significant positive impact and we encourage every customer to opt-in as it’s so easy and can make an enormous difference."

Telco Customers Can Now ‘Give More, With More’

That’s the message to More Customers, who can now ‘give more, with More’ by adding a donation to their monthly bill through Small Change Big Change.

The initiative invites More customers to add as little as $1 to their bill every month, because even your small change, together, can make a big change to the education and mental health outcomes of young Australians.

Small Change Big Change is an initiative of the Telco Together Foundation; the Industry’s Foundation for collectively addressing social challenges in an increasingly connected world.

Telco Together General Manager, Warren Sainsbury, said “We are so pleased to welcome More as the newest member to our growing family of Small Change Big Change partners. We are proud to align ourselves with a forward-thinking, customer-focused telco that has demonstrated its strong commitment to overcoming one of our greatest social challenges.”

More Managing Director, Andrew Branson, said the business was thrilled to launch this partnership and create positive change and help to build resilient young Australians.

“As a growing member of the telecommunications industry, we fully appreciate the difference we can make to the community,” said Branson.

“We look forward to making a significant positive impact and we encourage every customer to opt-in as it’s so easy and can make an enormous difference,” he said.

To date, the Foundation’s initiatives have raised more than $2.7M, with the money supporting a range of education and engagement programs that promote good mental health, a strong sense of identity and connection beyond connectivity – all important ingredients for building resilient young Australians.

Last year alone, the initiative distributed $213,000 in donations shared across three community partners;, Red Dust & Beacon Foundation, with an estimated 20,420 young Australians impacted.

The partnership reflects two significant changes in the way in which consumers are giving today:

Consumers are continuing to align themselves with purpose-led organisations, not just because they are doing good things for the world, but because they’ve designed good things into their product and service offering. 

As donors, street fundraising has declined and instead, we’re opting for the speed and convenience of adding a micro-donation at checkout to a reputable and accredited charitable organisation.

Small Change Big Change is available to all members of the Telco Together Foundation. Telco’s interested in taking part are encouraged to contact the Foundation.

If you are one of the millions of telco customers looking to get involved with Small Change Big Change, we encourage you to reach out to any of our participating telcos.

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Telco Customers Can Now ‘Give More, With More’