SCBC Announced National Finalist For Fundraising Impact Through Technology

Here's 5 reasons why Small Change Big Change has been recognised for the exceptional use of technology to strengthen campaigns and drive powerful fundraising outcomes.

SCBC Announced National Finalist For Fundraising Impact Through Technology

Small Change Big Change is about making giving easier.

We do this by leveraging one of the most tech-driven industries in the country, the Telco Industry or more broadly, the Information Communications Technology (ICT) Industry.

On the surface it’s an on-bill donations program that asks customers to add a dollar or more to their bill every month. But let’s look at the 5 things that make us so unique!

  1. We’re backed by Telco Together Foundation so we’re in the unique position of having direct access to nearly every business and consumer in the country, yes we could apply this technology to any bill, what’s unique about the telco industry is the sheer number of services available to us with Australians subscribing to approximately 32.5 million mobile phone services and 14.7 millions internet services.

  2. We’re embracing digital transformation. Consumers and donors are moving away from traditional ways of giving such as street fundraising or fundraiser events to a digital first landscape which invites us to leverages existing technology for purpose, not profit. So our role is about understanding the evolution of technology in this space and sharing that knowledge with the rest of the industry and beyond.

  3. It’s customer-centric, on the backend we’re adding a zero GST line entry into legacy billing systems so that customers can log into a portal on their device and make a tax deductible donation and on the frontend we’re working with a range of marketing resources to analyse incoming data, target customers at various omni-channel touch points and promote the impact their donations are making, so we’re able to reach donors at every step along their digital journey and we’re able to personalise that experience in hope of inspiring people to give more.

  4. It’s scalable, we’re at nearly 20,000 regularly monthly donors and so far we’ve raised more than $750,000 through literally hundreds of thousands of micro-donations of $1, $2 or $5 but the growth is exponential as more and more telcos show interest in the program

  5. It’s making a significant impact on young Australians and the future of this country, the money raised is building resilient young Australians by supporting a wide range of education and engagement programs that promote good mental health, a strong sense of identity and connection beyond connectivity.

    I hope that gives you some insight into how we’re leveraging technology for good, thanks for watching!

We’ll keep you posted on the outcome of the Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) Awards 2022, to be announced in February.

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SCBC Announced National Finalist For Fundraising Impact Through Technology